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Every aspect that is important to you is important to us at Funeral Directors in London. That is why we are devoted to arranging a personal and heartfelt funeral in memory of your loved one, down to the smallest detail.

From the time you contact us, our compassionate team of funeral experts will be there to assist you, providing meticulous counsel and unwavering compassion every step of the process.

Families from all around London and the neighboring areas come to us. We are about 70 yards from the peaceful West Street Cemetery.

We are here to honor any ultimate wishes, so no matter what your needs are, we will always be able to assist you. Please contact us as soon as you need us. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your trusted London funeral directors will organise a dignified farewell for your loved one with Unattended Funerals starting at £995 and Attended Funerals starting at £1,995.

What we have to offer

  • Every step of the way, including reporting the death, you will receive advice and guidance.
  • Arrangements that are tailored to your family’s requirements
  • Local knowledge and expertise
  • Cremation or burial at any nearby crematorium or cemetery
  • Funeral services for people of all faiths and cultures
  • Viewing of the deceased in the chapel of rest
  • Hearses, funeral cars, and specialised transportation are all available.
  • Tributes and memorials
  • Funeral plans that are pre-paid

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An Overview to Funeral Rules

Important advice on funeral decorum – what to put on, how to act, as well as what various religions anticipate

Funeral rules can differ according to practice as our overview to religious funerals reviews. It can depend on family worths, so you may be not sure just how to clothe and our overview to what to use at a funeral can help there.

Whatever the means someone’s life is being mourned, prayed for or commemorated, one of the most crucial point is to guarantee that your very own funeral rules respects the wishes of the bereaved member of the family who are arranging the funeral.

Funeral style decorum– what do I wear?

Dressing for a funeral can depend on social practices as well as whether the funeral service is of a particular faith. You can find out more in our overviews to religious funerals as well as our extensive consider What to Wear to a Funeral.

Many people link wearing black with mourning, however according to contemporary UK funeral decorum it’s come to be traditional for other dark colours to be appropriate, while in various other situations, a brilliant colour code is the specific wish of the bereaved family.

You’ll normally discover standards in the obituary– however if unsure, stick to conventional funeral rules and also maintain it smart and sombre. If you are using a suit, wear a connection, which doesn’t necessarily have to be black, but ought to be plain.

Paying respects at a chapel of rest– what do I do?

Paying your last respects to a person at a chapel of rest can be a more strange aspect of British funeral etiquette.

Known as a watching, this is something that’s normally for close family and friends. If this is something you’ve been invited to do yet feel unpredictable around, the funeral home will certainly be able to comfort you regarding what to anticipate.

That’s fine if you really feel that seeing a loved one would certainly be as well distressing or difficult. If seeing someone that has actually passed away is something you wish to do, examine if the funeral home or bereaved family would be happy for you to pay your respects, if this is not something outlined on the person’s obituary.

What’s the funeral decorum for loved ones?

Traditional British funeral decorum is centred around the wishes of the promptly bereaved family members who are arranging the funeral. This means that other relative and also close friends take their lead, or adhere to the funeral details provided by the funeral director on the family’s part.

That enters the funeral autos?

In a funeral procession one of the most immediate member of the family, which might be their partner or partner, moms and dads, kids or brother or sisters, traveling in a funeral auto behind the hearse.

It’s usual funeral decorum to have at the very least one funeral auto adhering to the hearse, while even more vehicles might be booked for other relative, or they may form part of a cortege in their own lorries.

Funeral service decorum– where do I sit?

Immediate relative and friends sit at the front of the venue during the funeral service, with various other close relative in the seats or seats behind.

There’s not usually a seating prepare for a funeral, so if you are not household or a really friend, it’s mindful to wait till other people have taken their seats.

If the venue’s not very full, it may be best to not rest right at the back– and also the funeral director or celebrant may invite mourners to go up, prior to the service begins.

Can I just turn up at a funeral?

A funeral notification is typically an open invite to any individual who ‘d like to pay their respects to go to the funeral.

If you have actually heard that’s someone’s passed away, a social or obituary media message will typically detail where the funeral is. If it is to be a personal service for close family and buddies just, this will certainly discuss.

You can call the funeral director and examine if it’s fine for you to attend if in doubt. It’s great funeral etiquette, if you have more youthful ones you wish to bring, to ask – should youngsters go to funerals.

It’s really unusual for people to be directly invited to a funeral in the UK, unless they are being asked to play a special part in the solution, such as providing a eulogy.

Typically, attending a funeral to pay your respects is a gesture that’s substantially valued by bereaved households, who can be considerably moved to uncover simply how many people’s lives their loved one’s own life touched.

What words of compassion can I say at the wake?

As we state in our overview to wakes the funeral function, is an opportunity for sympathisers to share their condolences face to face to the bereaved household and share kind words or memories with various other loved ones. It’s excellent funeral etiquette to be ready with some sincere as well as polite words of sympathy.

Visualize the kind of thing you ‘d appreciate listening to concerning a loved one of your own if you’re feeling worried or tongue-tied. You could express just how sorry you are for the individual’s loss and also share a couple of kind words concerning what you’ll keep in mind concerning them most.

Don’t forget to introduce on your own and state exactly how you knew the person who has actually died, if you’ve never ever fulfilled their family before. Read more about words of generosity you can say and the decorum of expressing sympathies to the bereaved.

Is it great etiquette to send out a wreath or funeral blossoms?

Lots of people value funeral blossoms or sympathy arrangements when they are dispossessed, however sending flowers is not constantly suitable, according to some religious custom-mades.

According to funeral blossom decorum, the blossoms that are laid on the person’s casket are normally from instant family, with other wreaths and tributes from family members travelling with them in the hearse.

You can learn more about funeral blossoms, wreaths and what to send out in our handy overview to funeral blossom rules. Our guide to funeral blossoms card etiquette has lots of thoughtful concepts about how to express what you desire to state if you are looking for words of motivation to create.

Is it courteous to ask people for donations as opposed to funeral blossoms?

It’s likewise not uncommon for bereaved families to pleasantly ask for that the cash you may have spent on flowers is donated to a charity they have actually selected, rather.

If you are arranging your very own loved one’s funeral, it’s completely great to request for contributions instead of blossoms or a contribution to a crowdfunding allure for the funeral.

Giving money or adding to funeral costs is an accepted part of modern-day UK funeral decorum– and a way of paying respects.

If you are requesting contributions to charity as opposed to flowers, your funeral director can assist set up a collection as part of the solution, along with for donations to be made using an online obituary.

How much cash should I give away at a funeral?

The amount you contribute to charity in lieu of funeral flowers boils down to what you can manage to offer, or how much you would have spent.

Whether you place a couple of coins or a couple of notes in the collection box, your thoughtful gesture matters. You can choose not to go public with how much you donated if you are contributing online.

Excellent British funeral decorum, however, is about just how you pay your respects as well as are there for the bereaved family.

If you don’t have cash to give, attending the funeral, kind words of compassion and also thoughtful words in the weeks, months as well as wedding anniversaries that come after the funeral – bearing in mind the individual that passed away, are most important of all.

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Arranging a Funeral

Arranging a funeral – a detailed overview

We are sorry for your loss if you are seeing this web page due to the fact that someone close to you has passed away. We wish this guide will certainly educate and also assist you in arranging a funeral as well as many of things you may have to think about currently.

This web page tells you around many of the sensible jobs, services as well as goods to think about when you are arranging a funeral. Clicking the highlighted web links will take you through to further reading concerning much of the topics we discuss.

Once you’ve begun the procedure of arranging a funeral, our overview to intending a funeral service has helpful details to assist you plan the event or event of life service itself.


Selecting a funeral director

A established as well as knowledgeable funeral director can assist unburden you from much of the tension of arranging a funeral, so you can focus on things that are essential to you.

A great funeral director’s top priority is to listen and also support the bereaved, carry out their wishes as well as assist them through any type of difficult actions they might need to take. Whether you want a full conventional funeral, an eco-friendly burial, a special celebration of life or something subtle, a good funeral director can assist.

Similar to households, every funeral home is distinct, so you might find it handy to compare funeral directors to locate the funeral home that’s ideal for you as well as your family members. As an additional assistance, many top-rated funeral homes on Funeral Guide have actually been evaluated by bereaved family members that have actually used their solutions.

Any individual can arrange a funeral with a funeral director, regardless if they’re a family member or not. This responsibility is usually taken by the spouse or a close household participant.

Lots of funerals directors can likewise aid households who wish to organize their loved one’s funeral independently, with any of the elements they require assistance with, such as funeral transport or preparing someone for their funeral.

Great funeral homes are on telephone call 1 day a day, around the year. They are experienced at listening to individuals at a very difficult time and also can aid direct newly-bereaved individuals through the steps they have to take.

Supplying information regarding the person who has passed away

Prior to a funeral director can start arranging a funeral, they will certainly need particular info about your loved one. A funeral can not be held before registering the individual’s death, something most typically done by a family member, yet part of a funeral director’s function is to carry out various other documents associated with arranging a cremation or burial.

Your funeral director will require to recognize:

  • The complete name of the individual who has actually passed away
  • Their date and place of birth
  • The full address of their last house
  • Information of their place of death
  • Whether they had a pacemaker

Funeral wishes

Many individuals think that a funeral is an essential first step in coming to terms with the loss of someone as well as grieving for the person who has actually died A good funeral director aims to make certain that the funeral arrangements enable households to concentrate on their loss, whether they pick to keep in mind the person that has actually passed away with a celebration of their life, or choose a solution that reflects the sadness of their loss.

Some people know what their loved one would have desired, such as cremation, for example, or an eco-friendly burial. They may have left a funeral wish-list, in a written record or will, regarding their funeral selections. If it is difficult to do so, there is no legal responsibility to lug out spoken or written funeral wishes. Lots of people take personal convenience in meeting a funeral wish for the person that has passed away, regardless of just how small.

If your loved one had a life insurance policy or funeral plan they might have currently organized and spent for many of the important components of their funeral with a local funeral director. You may currently learn about a funeral strategy they had, or they may have left information concerning it in their will. Financial institution declarations could also give hints about funeral strategy payments a person made. Market regulatory authority The Funeral Preparation Authority has a helpful search tool for mapping funeral strategies that were gotten with registered suppliers. It likewise offers information regarding exactly how to start making arrangements when you have a funeral strategy in position.

Exactly how soon after somebody passes away does the funeral occur?

In many cases, a person’s religious faith will certainly establish exactly how right after their death the funeral need to happen.

It’s quite typical for a funeral to occur a week or even more after someone has actually died. With an increasing number of family members living considerable ranges apart, many people intend a funeral to give plenty of time and notice, so that everyone is able to attend.

Numerous crematoria and also churches have ‘in-demand’ as well as quieter times of day or week. At many crematoria, Fridays can be a specifically active day of the week. Your funeral director will certainly be able to aid you prepare a suitable date as well as time for your loved one’s funeral and also function. If you are preparing a cremation and also our Crematorium Directory site might aid you in your search for an ideal funeral venue, we have a guide to cremations.

We have a guide to funerals and also an overview to green burial, and also if your loved one desired either, your funeral director can help you make arrangements for a burial plot, graveside ceremony and funeral service in your chosen cemetery or forest cemetery.

If you want to repatriate your loved one to one more nation for their funeral, there are lots of specialised funeral directors who can help you to arrange this. They will certainly be able to assist you similarly as any other funeral director, however also help guide you with the legal process of repatriation. Specialist funeral homes such as this can additionally help the bereaved with the complex documentation associated with bringing a loved one who has actually passed away overseas back to the UK.

Caring for the individual that has actually died.

After somebody passes away, the funeral home will arrange for their ‘elimination’ from the family residence or location where they passed away, to prepare them for their funeral. Individuals who do this understand that it can be a very difficult time for the individual’s family members. They do their best to make this process as comforting as they can for the bereaved and also will treat the person who has actually passed away with dignity and regard.

Modern funeral homes have cold centers where the individual that has actually died can be cared for until the day of their funeral. This additionally makes it possible for households who want to see their loved one to invest valuable time with them before the funeral. Some funeral chapels have devoted chapels of remainder where family members can do this, while numerous can also schedule the individual who died to hang out at rest before the funeral at their family members house or place of worship.

For some people, paying their respects like this is an integral part of preparing a funeral service. Some individuals value time periods invested in peaceful reflection with their loved one, while for others, an official visitation in a chapel of rest offers a bigger group of buddies and also relatives the opportunity to bid farewell.

Lots of funeral directors supply embalming, a chemical treatment which assists momentarily preserve an individual’s body and also aids recover their appearance.

Whether you pick embalming or to view your loved one, the funeral director will make certain that they are cleaned, brushed and meticulously worn the garments you select for them to wear for their funeral.

When intending a funeral, some individuals select for their loved one to be smartly clothed as well as brushed, while others might follow a loved one’s desire to be buried in a favorite old attire, or even a superhero costume.

Coffins, funeral automobiles and also funeral blossoms

A funeral director can communicate with people and also organisations that supply goods and services, varying from coffins, containers for cremation ashes and also funeral automobiles. They can assist you pick flower arrangements and you can inspect our guide to funeral blossom arrangements too. They can help book locations and celebrants.

There are several sort of coffins available. Choices range from low-cost cardboard caskets, to traditional coffins in a range of traditional timbers, beautiful woven coffins, woollen shadows as well as bespoke, themed as well as customised caskets. When you are planning a funeral, an excellent funeral director ought to be able to offer a broad selection of option for your consideration.

The funeral director can likewise discuss funeral transport for mourners as well as might have their very own fleet of funeral vehicles, or be able to arrange for an alternate type of hearse.

When you are arranging a funeral, our valuable posts concerning preparing a funeral service offers a lot more information other points to think about. From popular funeral hymns as well as poems for a funeral, to the many ways in which spirit, faith and private character can play an important part in arranging a funeral service.

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When to Hold a Funeral

How much time after death needs to a funeral be held

How long is it between a funeral and a death?

The length of time a funeral is held after the death of a loved one is largely to for how long it takes the family to make the essential funeral arrangements. If a post-mortem or inquest has been requested by either a physician, the coroner or, if you remain in Scotland, a procurator fiscal, after that funeral strategies may be delayed.

With even more family members and also close relations living additional apart than in the past, it can take some time for mourners to make arrangements to go back to pay their respects. Faith as well as religions can likewise play a big component in what duration is selected for a funeral.

Places of praise and also crematoria have more popular and also quieter periods which will certainly also influence discovering the correct time to hold a funeral solution. Typically Fridays are in greater demand as well as if you desire a weekend break funeral, you will require to consider additional expenses. If no prepare for a burial have been made before death, after that locating an appropriate plot might also take time.

If you or a loved one has made a funeral plan or laid out their funeral wishes before death, after that arranging a funeral will be a whole lot easier as several of the harder decisions will certainly have currently been made.

The length of time after death is a funeral in the UK?

Commonly a funeral will occur in between one as well as 2 weeks after a death, but if you require longer that can be prepared as well. How long you wait in between a death and a funeral in the UK could vary, but you should obtain a death certification within five days if you remain in England, Wales or Northern Ireland as well as within 8 days if you remain in Scotland.

A strict timespan for when to have a funeral is an important function of a variety of religious funerals.

The length of time can you wait to bury a person?

You can wait as long as it takes for you to make the necessary arrangements prior to you bury somebody. With appropriate funeral treatment as well as the aid of a great funeral director, you shouldn’t need to wait any longer than a week to 2 weeks. You can likewise do so as well as your funeral director will certainly be able to advise on the ideal way to do so if there are factors you require to wait longer.

You can get a church burial or a forest burial story as soon as the death takes place, or you may have already booked one. You’ll still need to wait up until a death certificate has been released before a burial can occur and also your funeral director will be able to aid you organise that.

A funeral director will be able to help arrange an appropriate reservation for you if you require more time to allow friends as well as family members get here from around the nation.

The length of time can you keep a body in your home after death?

There is no lawful upper limit for time you can keep a body in the house. There are some selections that need to be made though and also if you choose to lay out a body at home for a prolonged period, a funeral director can talk you with choices for embalming as well as dressing your loved one.

How long can you keep a body in the mortuary?

A person can be held in a mortuary for a length of time that allows you to make further arrangements. If an individual passes away in a health center or treatment residence, they are frequently moved to the on website mortuary momentarily. As these facilities have limited space, they will frequently arrange for a funeral director to relocate the person to a private mortuary.

Whether you are making funeral arrangements on your own or working with a funeral director, you’ll need to see to it your loved one is relocated from a mortuary to an area of remainder in a reasonable quantity of time.

Can you have a funeral on Saturday or Sunday?

A funeral can be held any type of day of the week however it prevails for burial premises and also crematoria to bill added for weekend services. With weekends being standard days for various other kinds of religious services, a priest may not be readily available for funerals on Saturday or Sunday. Also when planning a non-religious solution, some alternate and also humanist celebrants could not offer weekend services or may bill additional for them.

You can get buried on a Sunday, though Sunday funerals tend to be the most expensive days and the hardest to arrange for Christian events as Christian preachers will certainly have regular solutions to perform on a Sunday.

What time does a funeral typically start?

Funerals will usually begin in between mid-morning and also early mid-day. This is because of the reality that the specialists entailed normally keep normal organization hours. The majority of crematoria team, cemetery workers and also funeral directors work in between 9am and also 5pm from Monday to Friday. Funerals can happen outside of these times, by appointment, however they are less typical.

Can funerals be held during the night?

Funerals can be held during the night however this usually requires to be specifically requested as arranging every one of the required team to work outside of company hrs can be tough. If there are specific factors an evening time funeral demands to occur, a funeral director will definitely have the ability to assist; but most will typically advise against it unless totally needed.